Sunday, April 27, 2008


Tagging...what fun! Since Lisa listed her six things here, I will too!

1. When I was young--six years old, in fact, my parents got me my first horse. Handing over those reins was like handing over the keys to a car! My riding buddies--most were a few years older--and I had the freedom to ride all day long, and had endless adventures. That sure isn’t something a parent would dare allow today!
2. I left college for a while, and worked as a demonstration rider for a horse trainer who gave training and riding clinics all over the country. What an experience that was!
3. My dad was in the CIC during WW II (which pre-dated the CIA.) He had amazing (and frightening, to me!) experiences. He was quite a guy--he spoke five languages, was a master gardener, a photographer, a volunteer fireman, president of the church council for years and years, a skilled woodcrafter, he build a 30 feet cabin cruiser in the backyard that ended up being used down in the gulf, he built larger model airplanes, and an eighty, he was tapped by a modeling agency out of the blue, and began modeling for magazine and newspaper advertisements! He passed away just months before the release of my first book. My dear mother is now 92 years young, still has loads of Kansas charm, and has the best sense of humor of anyone I know!
4. I collect cookbooks--and am on a continuing quest for the best bread pudding and crème brulee recipes. Have a recipe you can share?!
5. I love photography. The digital age has made everything so much easier, and so much less expensive! My favorite place in the world to take pictures is the Teton Range, an incredibly scenic part of the Rockies in Wyoming.
6. Of anything in the world, I'm the most proud of our three children!!

I look forward to what the others will have to say! Roxanne

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