Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Get moving!

I turned in a book, Double Threat Christmas, my December 2008 release, last Monday. Yea!!! Whew, its always a relief to send that baby off. So since then, I've cleaned my office (it looked like a bomb went off) and did the Author Alterations (the last read through before the a book goes to print) for Double Cross, my September 2008 release. Now I have to get moving on my next book, Her Last Chance, Book 6 of the Without a Trace continuity series. I'm reading my way through the first five books, though only books one and two are available to me yet, but I'm ready to start writing on my book, because I know I can always go back and change anything that isn't jiving with the other books. That's the beauty of the writing process, until the book is in published form, its never too late to change something.
How often in life can we say that?

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susansbooks said...

Will Double Threat Christmas be a series book or a standalone? I look forward to every book you write!