Monday, April 7, 2008

Desert Rose Conference

What a weekend! Starting Friday afternoon when I arrived home to an arrangement of flowers from Harlequin and ending yesterday morning after I spent the weekend in Chandler, Arizona, at a writers' conference. As a writer, being amidst writers - especially brand, new, and ever-so-excited writers - is like a shot of writercilin.

Friday's highlight - greeting people I see maybe once a year. Sitting in a ballroom amidst 250 people and standing up to be introduced as a RITA finalist.

Saturday's highlight - Breakfast with Kerri and Kimmy and Carol. Then, off to the ballroom again. I love editor/agent panels. I learned a lot about how publishing a book with a small press or an e-publisher can affect your career. Jessica Faust agent)gave informative view of what to expect of an agent. Lunch, I sat at the inspiration table and met a woman named Becca who turned out to be a fellow ACFWer. I was so excited. Afternoon's best workshop by Laura Fulginiti was on forensics. This workshop was worth the whole cost of the conference. I learned lots about dead bodies (good since I write about dead bodies). I am a conference veteran and didn't plan on taking notes since I know everything (picture wild laughter here) and I also brought grading with me. I would up with a whole page of notes on the back of an Eng101 paper. Saturday evening I went to dinner with the Harlequin editor Brenda Raisanen and a host of seasoned authors (Barbara White, Brenda Novak, Cathy McDavid, Carrie Weaver, and Linda Style)who had been to many of these adventures: them, relaxed; me, how-did-I-get-here nervous.

Sunday started with a breakfast with agent Michelle Grajkowski(my best friend's agent) and many of my best friends (Again Cathy McDavid - go ahead and figure out she's my best friend - Stacy Cornell, and Carrie Weaver).

Then, it was home to my favorite guys. Mikey wasn't feeling too good so I got a whole afternoon of evening of little boy in lap. I hate to admit that sometimes I like it when he's a little under the weather because he becomes a lap baby.

It was a killer-great weekend. Happy Writing All!


Debby Giusti said...

Sounds like a great conference! The forensic workshop must have been great! Notice, I love dead bodies too!

Any tips you'd like to pass on about what's new?

Jessica said...

Oh, that's sweet about the lap baby. I totally know what you mean. Thanks for the post.

Lisa Mondello said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great time. I wish I was there, but I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco! By the way, the flowers are beautiful!


Cara Putman said...

Congrats again on finaling for the RITA. That's wonderful news!

PamelaTracy said...

Chick lit is dead, according to the most of the editors/agents. Doesn't seem like being published in e form or self pub is a foot in the door to a New York publisher UNLESS you have numbers. No one talked about what is doing. Thought that was interesting. Went to two agent workshops and one contract workshop. All three said, "Get it in writing." Made me think since I have a handshake with my agent. Big question was...what happens to your money if your agent dies and he's a one man office. Yikes. Most agents said they felt just as lost when there is editor upheaval at a house. I think that was the newiest, at least for a conference veteran.

Linda Goodnight said...

Hey Pamela! (and all you other crafty ladies)

The website looks awesome and I love your posts on the conference and your RITA reactions. Can't wait to see you in SF!

Linda g