Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watching television--Lenora Worth

I just got back from Orlando, Florida and the RWA conference. Disney World was great, as Margaret Daley posted yesterday, but it was very hot! Our trip was good, even if I did have a few issues with a new blood pressure medicine that caused swelling and migraines. But now that I'm home and armed with new information to help me become a better writer, I'm going to take things a bit slow. It's just too hot to hurry, hurry!

One of the things I've enjoyed lately is watching my favorite television shows with my husband. He likes recording shows then sitting through a marathon night of catching up. Here are some of my favorites--(I love action and adventure.) First off, Burn Notice on the USA Network. This is probably my favorite. It's about a spy who got burned (a time out in spy language) and had to settle in Miami. (Horrible that they left him in such a downer of a place, huh???) Anyway, his mom lives there and he has a good friend who used to be CIA and an Irish girlfriend with her own shady past. It's so much fun and the show has a great website to keep things going. Next, one of my latest favorites over on TNT--Memphis Beat. This show sizzles with Memphis blues and quirky characters. The plots are amazingly simple and the crimes are amazingly interesting and they just come out of nowhere. You feel as though you're on a ride-along in the heart of the Delta. Love it. And one more new one--Covert Affairs on USA. This is kind of like James Bond meets Wonder Woman. A new female agent gets into the thick of things and hits the ground running. She's pretty, smart and in over her head. But she is an example of a strong heroine who manages to take care of herself. I like that. All of these shows are good clean fun and a great way to stay inside and escape the heat. It's pushing 104 outside my door today!

We love to write about these type characters in our suspense books and we like to heat things up with our plots and our action and adventure. So when I'm not writing suspense, I can live vicariously through these quirky, out-there shows. And stay cool while doing it. Oh, by the way, I did enjoy one other ride at Disney World. It was the Test Track at the General Motors sponsored exhibit. My husband is retired from General Motors and he came back to the hotel all excited and told me I had to go back and try out the Test Track. He said, "I know how you love fast cars." He was so right. I felt like one of the spies I love. No crash dummy here. Just thrills and squeals. Even in 104 degrees heat! Stay cool.


Leann said...

I love both those shows. Also, The Closer is also a good show. It makes the summer fun, again. And there is Covert Affairs about CIA.

Lenora said...

I love The Closer, too. She is from Georgia, after all! I've often used her tactics when dealing with my children!