Monday, September 10, 2007

A Camping We Will Go

I grew up in Nebraska. It's winter nine months of the year. I can remember chill winds that encountered my puffy coat, bounced back, and then headed for the hem and under to make sure I got chilled. Never, not once, did my family and I go camping.

I first went camping during my thirties with my friend (and fellow writer) Cathy McDavid. See, now I live in the dry heat of Arizona and don't even own a puffy coat. Very few chill winds. Camping is a worthwhile past-time. The first time I went camping, with Cathy, I slept in a travel trailer. The second time I slept in a horse trailer. Sad to say, I only went twice.

Then, I married an outdoorsman. Yup, my hero.

The first time we went camping we slept in a tent the size of two bodies - small bodies. We were newlyweds, but still I suggested a bigger tent.

The next time we went camping, we had a tent with two rooms. Much better.
Then, I got pregnant. Getting up off the ground, while pregnant (and old!) is not much fun. I did a lot of muttering.

A few times later, we had a Jumping Jack. This actually made me like camping. It had two beds - with cushions - that were off the ground. There was a table. This tent popped up and was on wheels. Our quads fit on top.

Then, when Mikey was two came the rainy camping trip. Eight hours in the Jumping Jack. It's roughly the size of a large bathroom. The space not taken up by the beds and tables in one sidewalk square. The thing about rain is.... Mikey was stuck in that space for hours, and he did get bored. This meant I didn't get to read, write, watch any DVD save Thomas the Train, or well have peace of mind. Oh, and should nature call, well nature was very, very wet.

This past weekend we went camping, in a new travel trailer. It has pop out beds, a table, a fridge, a stove, a micro-wave and a TOILET.

Now, I love camping.

Of course, this new treasure is a bit harder to take into the wilds. First trip out we broke all the windows on the door side . First trip out our belongings got wet from being outside in the rain while we cleaned up the broken glass. First trip out we bent the frame on a cattle guard gate that took exceptions to our passing. I could go on, but the main thing is camping is like writing...

No matter how many obstacles wind up in your way, if you keep doing it, you'll get better and it will get easier.

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