Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have a cover!!!

Barbour was an absolute dream to work with on getting this cover. They sent me one option. I made a suggestion. They sent me THREE revised cover options. I made another suggestion. And now I have a cover that I absolutely love!

Final galleys are in and to the printer. Last step: finished book. I can't wait to hold the first copy in my hands!

Here's the blurb on the book: In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Audrey Stone wants to help in the war effort. But what's a young schoolteacher from Nebraska to do? When her community starts a canteen at the train station, Audrey finds her place. Willard Johnson worries about his brother who joined the navy to get off the ranch and see the world. Will his budding relationship with Audrey survive in the pressures of war? Can two such determined people find their place in the war and with each other?


Debby Giusti said...

Your cover is beautiful! Loved your blurb. Sounds like a book I'll love to read! I'm so excited for you! See you at ACFW!

Lisa Mondello said...

The cover is beautiful, Cara! Congratulations!


Cara Putman said...

Thanks, Ladies. I am so excited. And can't wait to meet you, too, Debby!