Monday, September 17, 2007

A Conferencing We Would Go

This past weekend I spent in Tucson, Arizona, at the Society of Southwestern Authors' conference. I've gone many times. The first time I went, about a decade ago, Ray Bradbury was the speaker. Wow. I remember thinking back then, "How do they top this?" Three years ago they had a speaker whose claim to fame was her years as one of Phyllis Diller's joke writers. Wow.

What did I learn at this most recent conference?

In the historical market, according to Tracy Bernstein, American settings are dead. Not even in the top four. Apparently the readers want Britain, the time of the Tudors. If you don't want to write about the Tudors, then France is the next best thing, following by Spain and, of all places, Japan. Hmmmm. I attended an Inspirational Writer's Session, geared to the beginner, and was reminded of the importance of everyday humor. The Romance session, taught by Andree Abecassis was informative. The main thing I took from this was that a writer who wants to build a readership should probably be putting out three books a year - at least two, but definitely three is the goal. The other workshop I attended was the Mystery workshop. Made me think about making sure I have the who, what, why, when, and where in the first few sentences. Betty Webb, who taught the class, did a good job of showing how most 'great' writers do this.
I did no cooking at this conference
Turkey Pot Pie
Buy two ready-made pie shells (hey, they come two to a package)
One can of Cream of Chicken soup.
Frozen veggies (the bag that has carrots, peas, etc. I take out lots of peas. Yuck)
Turkey (Usually, I use leftovers - like from Thanksgiving - but in a pinch, I buy the little square bag that has precut turkey inside. I first found this precut turkey when I was making chef salads at home. In the grocery store, it's usually by the precut ham. And, oh yes, it costs wwwaaaayyy too much which is why leftovers are better).
First, preheat your over to 425. Then, in a pie pan, add the turkey, soup, and some of the veggies (If you're a veggie lover, add a lot; if you're not a veggie lover add a little)
When it looks like a pie, put the other shell over the top, stick in the over for 45 minutes, and then enjoy.
I'm thinking about adding a few hashbrowns next time, but so far husband is against
that idea .


Mary Keith said...

Sounds like a good Turkey Pot Pie. Hash browns would add more calories, but I think would add to the pie. Can’t wait to see your new book.
Mary Keith

Tia Dani said...

Hi Pamela, Just dropping by to say Hi.
Great and informative blog. I was so happy when I saw your Turkey Pot Pie. I was just looking for a good and easy chicken pot pie. Close enough. Definitely better with potatoes. (everything is better with potatoes) LOL.
I will be back again to see what the Craftie Ladies of Suspense are up to.
Bev P

Susan said...

Hi Pamela,
Just stopping by to check out what you've been up to. Love the cover to your new Promises book and would enjoy a chance at winning it. And, as far as your Turkey Pot Pie? Add a teaspoon of Morton's Nature's Seasons to the soup before you put it in the pie. Joe loves it, bet your folks will too.
~~Susan Yarina

Deb Logan said...

Three books a year ... hmmm ... I don't suppose e-books count, do they? *lol*

Dana said...

Hi, Pam! Sounds like a good recipe. But do you use pre-cooked or raw potatoes?

PamelaTracy said...

Okay, I added the salt, but I think the soup is too salty, so next time I'm going to try the low sodium one. Maybe, I'll also nuk a potato in the microwave, cut it up, and see how that works, although, I have to say, the hash browns worked just fine for me :)