Friday, September 14, 2007

Deadlines and laundry mishaps!

I'm still sprinting while I finish up the sequel to my November 2007 release, Cradle of Secrets. To help out, my kids have taken on a lot more work in the house to give me extra time at the computer. Like many parents, I spend a good deal of time carting my teenagers around to various activities like my 16 year old's first job, my daughters daily cheerleading practices, and school dances. Yes, they still have them and around here since there isn't a mall in site for the kids to hang out at. They have them almost weekly at a local church.

All this carting around takes away from computer time, so my kids have been helping out with things like the laundry. Now, I taught them how to do laundry years ago but the concept of separating whites from darks seems to have been forgotten somewhere along the line. I'm usually interupted in the middle of a scene by a shriek from one of the girls because a new white shirt is now powder blue (blotchy at that) because a new pair of jeans was added to the washing machine at the last minute. Yes, one red sock really can turn my 16 year old boys shirts pink, transforming them into dusting rags because he wouldn't be caught dead ina pink shirt. Folding? Well, we haven't gotten to the point where we've mastered that. I'm lucky if we can at least get all the clothes sorted into piles by child before one of them reaches to the bottom of the laundry baskets (Yes, I have several. I did mention I have 4 teenagers, didn't I?) and spills everything that's on top onto the floor.

I'm lucky that my kids are cool about me working on my book and are willing to help out. Even so, I'm thinking October 1st I'll be starting marathon cleaning.

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Until next time, enjoy my new recipe and many blessings to you!


Crock Pot Chicken and Potatoes
1 box scalloped potatoes, plus all the ingredients to prepare it
1 can of mixed peas and carrots
4-6 boneless breasts of chicken
1 cup of seasoned croutons (any flavor)
sliced cheddar cheese

This is a favorite recipe for my family and very quick and easy to make! Lightly butter the bottom and sides of your crockpot dish. Add all the ingredients from the box of scalloped potatoes and the ingredients to make them inside the dish. Drain can of vegetables and mix that into the scalloped potatoes mixture. Sprinkle salt and pepper on each breast of chicken and place them on top of the scalloped potato and vegetable mixture. Add a slice of cheddar cheese on top of each chicken breast. (You can also use shredded cheese if you prefer.) Crush the croutons to a fine consistency and sprinkle over each chicken breast. Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours or high from 4-5 hours.

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