Tuesday, September 11, 2007

DeMarle at Home baking success!

This past spring I discovered DeMarle products. I've never been much of a baker or a cook, for that matter. So when I was invited to a product party at a friends house I was a bit skeptical. But I watched in amazement as the presenter cooked on the silpat and in the formed baking products. Nothing stuck, not even cheese. This product makes baking and cooking so easy and efficent. Needless to say I'm hooked! One of the very cool ideas that the presenter showed was taking shredded parmesan cheese, spread it out in small groups on the silpat and bake. As soon as the cheese is crispy looking, take out and then, using a spatula (they have a great, one by the way) lift the flat cheese off the silpat and drape over the bottom of a small bowl. As the cheese cools, it forms a bowl that can be filled with salad or steamed veggies. It's a beautiful way to serve a side dish to guest.


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