Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Canadian Thanksgiving

By Barbara Phinney

We up here in the Great White North have already celebrated our Thanksgiving. Now, it's not a lot different than our neighbours and friends south of the border. We have turkey and stuffing, lots of veggies and gravy, pies and cakes and squares and lots of tea to wash it all down.

There are some things unique to each thanksgiving meal, though, and they often change, don't they?

This year, I had the joy of watching a barn cat of ours deliver her very unique babies. (Look at the paws on this baby) I've enjoyed picking them up each day, and look at the tiny bundle of fur open its mouth and hiss at me. Too funny to see such attitude! Mum doesn't mind, either, but considering I've provided her with a large Rubbermaid container, on a thick cushion, filled with a hot water bottle and a thick flannel sheet, changed every other day, all set in a garage. If I was expecting Mum to move them under the shed, I was mistaken. She ain't goin' nowhere!

This year I found myself thankful more because our Pastor reminded us to be thankful in every circumstance. Not for everything bad thing that comes along, but in everything. And I am. My nephew and his wife and two daughters came down for Thanksgiving, and I had the pleasure of accompanying them to the park.

And though the weather is often filled with wild winds and rain, and even some heavy frost, I can remember that our hurricane season has been mild this year, and those sunny days are so welcoming.

God gives us plenty to be thankful for. Let's take the time to consider the good things He has provided, even in desperate times. And let us not forget that He gave us something we can never give ourselves. He has given us His Son, that part of Himself sent to die on the cross for us, so we may come to Him.

So, my US friends, as your Thanksgiving approaches, I hope that you'll be able to see things you can be thankful for.


Dana Mentink said...

That is an amazing cat picture!

PamelaTracy said...

Sniff. You made me miss my cats. Soon, I'll start talking to my husband about getting a puppy for my son AND a kitten for me.

Barbara Phinney said...

Pam, too bad you're not near. You could have the pick of the litter.
My son has called the one in the picture Diomedes, because that greek god had a war cry and that kitten can be heard miles away. He's loud!