Tuesday, October 13, 2009


by Linda Hall

Yesterday we here in Canada celebrated Thanksgiving – complete with turkey, dressing gravy, potatoes, sweet potato casserole, homemade cranberry sauce and many pies, ice cream, whipped cream. Let’s see – have I forgotten anything? Right now I am vowing not to eat for a week!

Thanksgiving is the time when we typically thank God for our ‘blessings’ – our families and jobs and homes and health and all the good things God has given us. Which is fine. It’s good to thank God for the good things we have, as long as we realize that they are just that – things.

This Thanksgiving I wanted to concentrate on thanking God for God – for being God, for being beautiful, for sending his son Jesus to offer me salvation. This Thanksgiving I want to thank God for his great Grace. There is nothing I need ‘do’ to give myself a)a better standing in God’s eyes, or b) make ourselves more accepted in His eyes.

Religion is man reaching toward God. The Gospel is God reaching toward man.

I don’t want to forget this.


Edna said...

You have Thanksgiving early, we have it in Nov.
Hope you enjoyed the meal


Dana Mentink said...