Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you ever wondered?

Hi, Leann here. After you’ve finished a book, have you ever wondered what happened to the characters? Or if you have a favorite book, are there questions you want to ask the characters?

Once I turn in a book, my characters don't stop talking to me. Okay, okay, I know that sounds just too weird, but it happens. Some of the characters are more vocal than others.

Why am I telling you this? My latest book, GUARDED SECRETS is out this month, so what I thought I'd do is let the characters blog until the end of the month. So far, Penny and the twins, Caren and Connie have given their opinions. Lilly and Jon have also chimed in. I don't what other characters will give their opinions. It's going to be a surprise for everyone, including me.

Just goes to show you, writers are a little odd. Please, stop by my webpage and click on the blog. You'll be surprised.


Barbara Phinney said...

Interesting thoughts, Leann. I often wonder what happens to some characters. And yes, sometimes you know they'll have a HEA ending, but some you gotta know there's going to be sparks!
BTW, that's a lovely pic. Where is it? Your house?

Edna said...

There are so many books that I read I wish would go on and on. I like the series of books but only want them if I can afford the complete series at one time, as I like to go from one book right into the next. I am a reading nut as you can see.

May God bless


Leann said...

I wish, Barbara. No, it's a house in Albuquerque.

Debby Giusti said...

Leann, glad I'm not the only one who hears characters talking...guess all writers have that problem. What a fun idea to extend the story. Bet the readers love the extra info!

Edna, we love you!!! Thanks for being a SH fan! BTW, my books are considered a series but each book stands alone. Even though the SH covers may say "Series," the stories often do not need to be read in a certain order. Hope you continue to stop by the blog. It's always nice to read your comments.

Lynette Eason said...

I often go to bed telling my characters to shut up and leave me alone! LOL. I guess that's a great problem to have when you're in the story, but not so great when the story is finished.

I'm with you, Edna. Sometimes I wish I could just keep writing about the same characters and watch them grow and change.

Oh well. I always fall in love with my new characters, too!


Project Journal said...

Hey! Sorry I'm late commenting... : /

I LOVE reading the LI books! They're all so great. Some I definitely wish would keep going. I pretty much always have to wait at least a full 24 hours before I can coaxe(don't know how to spell that! lol...) myself into starting another story! It's weird, I know, but it feels rude in a way to just put the characters back onto the shelf when you've just finished their story. I also think it's a bit disrespectful to the author because they spent a long time on making the book what it should take some time and enjoy it...enjoy the ending!

Leann, I have not read any of your books yet. However, I am really looking forward to this one! It sounds terrific! I still have to get to Walmart to pick up my LIS books though. Hopefully in the morning!