Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Awards all around!

It was so exciting to read the list of finalists for the Rita this year, and see how well our Craftie Ladies of Suspense and Romance were represented.  Wonder writers, wonderful recognition of their talents.  It will be such fun to cheer everyone on at the awards ceremony during the last week of June in New York!

Do any of you readers live near New York?  The awards ceremony isn't open to the public, but the vast literacy fundraiser sure is--over four hundred authors, autographing books!  The event draws huge crowds no matter where the conference is held each year, and it's a great opportunity to meet and interact with your favorite authors! I'm sure we'll all be talking about who will be there as the time draws near, so stay tuned!

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Cara Putman said...

Congrats to everyone! So exciting to see friends finaling!