Monday, March 28, 2011


This is Margaret Daley and I have a question for you. What do you think of when someone talking about developing a brand? No, it isn't something involving cattle and yet it is similar. It is coming up with an idea/phrase that states who you are as a writer. What kind of books will you be giving your readers. I had come up with Heartwarming to Heart Pounding, but I am redoing my website totally and need to nail this. Any suggestions? I know one author has Expect an Adventure. I like that. This promotional stuff can be mind boggling. I need help.


Liz Johnson said...

Hey Margaret, good luck! I work full-time in marketing in the publishing industry, and I still find branding mind-boggling sometimes. :) I do confess that I believe that branding yourself as an author has less to do with your "line" and more to do with what you consistently write. If you continue putting out sweet romances with heart-pounding suspense, your readers will come to know and expect that from you.

The lines that I think work best definitely give a window into who that author is. Our fellow LIS author Camy Tang has a great line. "Romance with a kick of wasabi." Obviously is tells you that her books are going to have an Asian kick, which they do. What sets you apart from other writers that readers will easily relate to?

Good luck with your line. :)

Cara Putman said...

Good luck! I worked with Jim Rubart to identify what mine is -- which was a bit of a challenge since I write historical and romantic suspense. But it came down to strength and discovering how strong we are. But that doesn't really help you much.