Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't Try This At Home!!

Okay, it's income tax time. Now, when you read this post's title, you may think, that's foolish. I do my own taxes all the time.
Well, dear reader, I applaud you. But that's not what my title infers.
I was at my dining room table, having the house to myself, and was sorting out receipts. I keep all receipts and only when I'm doing up the ledger I keep, do I sort out what needs to be saved and what should be tossed. That's when I came upon a brilliant idea! Highlight the dates!
We all have a variety of receipts and we all know that 3/2/11 could mean March 2nd or Feb 3rd. Yes, my pastor's wife says there is a proper way to read it, but sometimes, the creator of that receipt disagrees. And we all know that the date could be literally *anywhere* on that stupid crumpled piece of thermal inked paper, anyway. So, why not highlight the date?
Because, dear reader, I have discovered that the highlighter dissolves the thermal ink *right before your eyes!*
I sat there, nearly all the way through my receipt date highlighting, taking a moment to look back down at the paper for the first time, and saw it. The stupid date was fading away like people in a bad sci-fi time travel movie.
I frantically rifled through the other receipts. Yes. I have now effectively dissolved all the dates on my receipts.
And having already been rejected by the IRS once this year, even though I am Canadian, I felt the sting of tax time, and it wasn't in that place they show on those TV commercials. This was hit to the jugular.
Beware, dear reader, of this hidden danger at tax time. It lies like a wolf waiting to pounce upon the unsuspecting citizen as she walks down the path to her accountant's office.
Do you have any yikes moments at tax time? Did a draft from the door your kid left open blow away all your receipts, or did the cat jump up on the table at the wrong moment?
Or the worst of all? Did the IRS or Revenue Canada reject you?


Margaret Daley said...

Thanks for telling us this. I usually circle the date in pen.

Dana Mentink said...

Well nothing strikes fear into the heart more than the letters I..R...S!

Terri Reed said...

Interesting info. Good to know. Won't be doing that.
Do you think the excuse, my dog ate my form, would work?

Lisa Mondello said...

I hate doing taxes. But I did them! My only Yikes moment is really just an annoyance since I tend to spread all my receipts out on my bed, get them all organized and then my dog and cat decide they just want to "be" with me and climb on top of them, ruining all my hard work. I've learned to use paperclips as I go, not at the end, so I don't have to keep sorting. I circle the date too.