Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hitting Delete

Well, let's hope you don't hit delete with anything with my name on it! I'm Barbara Phinney.
And I have to learn to hit delete.
Nope, this isn't about how I think everything I write is written in stone. Indeed, I tell the kids at the school where I work, that only the Ten Commandments were written in stone.
But what I'm talking about is those things on the computer that steal your time. One boy at school finds the internet a huge temptation when he's supposed to be on line only to find out what colour a black-capped chickadee is, not posting to Facebook to tell everyone how much he hates Social Studies.
I know what a resource and time hog some things are. I downloaded a photo manipulation program and found it was stealing hours of my time, with very little success.
Oh, sure, there is that learning curve, but common sense has to take over at some point.
So I'm hitting delete. I'm deleting the program. I need to get outside and do some real work, instead of trying to put the most perfect moon into my picture for a possible short story cover.
Or else it'll take me longer to do the cover than write the story.
Sometimes we have to back off and look at our behavior on line from a different point of view. And this stuff is just innocent stuff. Imagine the 'other' stuff that goes on in other people's lives?
Is there some program for which you could hit delete? Is there some computer program that steals your time and for which you need to be critical?
Let's make June our critical evaluation month. Summer is nearly here and we should be reveling in it, not fooling around on the computer.


Sheri said...

Amen! :o)

myMagen said...

I have done this twice already. unfortunately I'm pretty sure I'm not done yet :( Thanks for the "kick" to get me into motion! Great post.

PamelaTracy said...

I need to delete Solitaire.

Barbara Phinney said...

Thank you ladies for dropping by. Indeed, we need to push away from the keyboard a lot. I have already planted one flower garden and done tons of housework, just by forcing myself to get up. Of course, we need to do somethings on line, but playing games or surfing around aren't what we should be doing.
Summer is too short for this!

Ramona Richards said...

Great post, Barbara! I definitely have too many "time stealers" in my day.