Monday, June 20, 2011

RWA - here we come!

The RWA conference is just around the corner. Like next week. A week from today I will fly to New York where I will meet up a BUNCH of other authors and we will attend classes designed to enable us to learn more about our craft, some of us will teach, and we will laugh--a lot. I've never been to an RWA conference, so I'm so excited to be going to this one. Be sure to check back for updates and pictures. It's probably going to be one of the fastest weeks of my life. The schedule is crazy busy, but packed with good info and fun. Kit Wilkinson and I are part of a panel talking about the advantages of entering contests as a step to publication. And then I'm looking forward to Michael Hauge's classes on June 30th, then the Harlequin black and white ball at the Waldoff Asoria that night.

So, can we get a head count? Who will be there and who's teaching what?

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Have a great Monday!

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Hope White, Author said...

Michael Hauge is amazing! Have you heard him speak before?
I so wish I could be there with you ladies this year. Take good pics and share with the rest of us!
It sounds like it will be an amazing conference!