Friday, June 3, 2011

The Hunt For Treasure

I love stories like this! I’m writing a three book series about a treasure seekers agency so this kind of story trips my trigger.
One man’s dusty old vase, is another man’s wildest dream come true. A brother and sister, cleaning out their uncle’s London bungalow after his death, came across a yellow and blue vase which they stashed precariously on a bookshelf during the packing. When they finally took it to a London auction house they were dumbfounded to learn it was a priceless Chinese vase made for the Qianlong Emperor. They were further floored when the thing fetched a cool 69 million dollars at Bainbridges auction house.

What kind of treasure would you like to discover?


Ralene said...

Now that's a blessing from God! lol... What would you do with $69 million dollars? Oy!

I tend to treasure things on a more sentimental level, you know?

Dana Mentink said...

I hear you, Ralene. One of my fave treasures is my mother's old college dictionaries. I love the musty smell of it and the funky words you can't find in a modern dictionary. Is that strange?

PamelaTracy said...

I often play "How to spend a Million". I guess I'd have to multiply by 69 to even begin to think how to play "How to spend 69 million."

Sketch Girl on a New Adventure said...

Right now my ultimate treasure would be to discover a new dream which I can do for the rest of my life even when it sucks and I want to quit!

Cara Putman said...

Put me down for a best-selling book series idea :-) It would also be cool to be one of those people who finds a copy of the Declaration of Independence tucked in a picture frame. Though I guess I'd have to go to garage sales for that to happen!