Monday, June 6, 2011

I Am Eunice

Pamela Tracy here. If you read this blog yesterday, you'll realize I switched out pictures. This new one is really me playing the role of Eunice.

It’s Vacation Bible School at my church this week. It started last night. I’m playing the part of Eunice, Mary’s busybody neighbor, who always comes over when Mary has friends over – to be nosy, to talk about Mary when she’s not around, and basically to let the crowd know that I’m better than Mary.

It’s actually great fun. I’m wearing a plain gray dress with a tie belt. I have a scarf over my head. I’m wearing sandels. I took off my watch so I’d be in character.

Here’s the only thing I couldn’t do. I couldn’t get my nail polish off. See, I had a wedding a few weeks ago so I tried that new permanent nail polish. Well, it really is permanent. Nail polish remover didn’t so much as take off a nano of a smudge. I either have to go back and let them scrap the polish (and nail topping!) off or I let the nail grow and soon have a nail that is top-part polish, bottom-part fingernail.

This is a problem I’m sure Eunich didn’t have.

Are you having VBS, too? And, what are you or what have you done during VBS?

Pamela Tracy's next book, Once Upon a Cowboy, is not a suspense, nor is there a character named Eunice is it. As a matter of fact, VBS isn't mentioned either, but it's still a good read. It hits the shelves in August.

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Terri Reed said...

I love the cover of you new book!!