Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wonderful Spring!

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is amazing. Flowers are blooming, the sun pops out, and the weather is better than perfect!

What I enjoy most about Spring is that if feels like a rebirth of sorts, so I use this opportunity to set some goals for the next three months. Why just set goals on New Year’s Day?

So I’ll sit down with my notebook and jot down some things I want to do from now until mid September. I have writing projects on the list, plus health goals, and spending quality time with family and friends. So far my list includes: entertaining out of town guests, walking 4 days a week, finishing my current YA book and another Love Inspired Suspense.

It seems like when I set these three-month goals I get more accomplished, so I’m challenging you to set some goals of your own. What fun and productive things can you do for yourself this summer? Take a vacation? Volunteer at a new non-profit? Finish cleaning out that “scary” closet in the basement?

Let’s challenge each other to accomplish great things this summer!


rbooth43 said...

Spring in North Carolina is so beautiful, so peaceful, but the weather has some hot days. A good time for reading!
Check out a favorite new author with two books that are amazing-Lilly Gayle, one is a paranormal romance titled OUT OF THE DARKNESS and the Other is a Victorian England and NC Romance titled SLIGHTLY TARNISHED!

rbooth43 said...

Correction on my email-
It's rbooth43(at)yahoo(dot)com

Ramona Richards said...

Hi, Hope. I love spring, almost more than autumn - it does stir make me wish for more sun and more projects. I bought a new notebook last week (even though it's really summer here in TN), and it's already filling up with ideas. Nice post!

PamelaTracy said...

Hi Hope,
I agree. Spring is awesome and I love sitting under the trees with a notebook.