Thursday, June 9, 2011

When the Storms Blow...

This week my church loaded a truck with diapers, food, baby food, toiletries, and kids clothing and sent it to Joplin, Missouri. The picture doesn't begin to convey how many boxes are layered in there. I really didn't think it would all fit...but it did!

A pastor from the church we are working with spoke at our church. He and his wife shared stories that would break your heart -- yet gave such hope at the same time. God is on the move.

In storms like this, I think we see who we really are. How strong we really are. What our core values are. What we are fundamentally made of at the core of our existence.

Some people experience a massive tornado -- possibly the most destructive in United States history. But for most of us, the storms are other things. In the last few days a friend had a husband tell her he never loved her and their life together has been a lie. F-5 on the scale of storms. Another friend learned that her cancer returned, this time in her bones. Another F-5 shock. Yet another friend went in for an ultrasound and learned her baby had no heartbeat. An F-5. Another friend learned that she was being asked not to continue on a public project. A F-5.

I'm sure you've had something similar happen. And as writers we have to place our chracters in the middle of life's storms, too. We have to run them through the wringer and see what emerges on the other side. Who they become.

So what do we do personally? And what do our characters do?

Do we lean into Jesus and His promises? Or do we rail against Him and shake our fists at heaven? Do we sink into His loving embrace like my six-month-old curls into mine? Or do we go rigid and turn away?

Praying that whatever the storm in your life, that Jesus would be bigger, present, and still it.


Ralene said...

My heart aches for our world. So much travesty this year. From massive catastrophes, like Japan and Joplin, to individual F-5s like you mentioned. Our world is under attack, but where will we all turn? I'm leaning into Jesus, trusting with all my heart that He sees all and knows all. We are just a breath away from Heaven, but are we ready?

Margaret Metz said...

You're right, there are storms all around. We don't have to look far. We live in Missouri and know many people hurt by the physical storms. My sister's cancer is back. My mom lost her job. My husband was told he needed to look for another job as well. That's just my family. I don't know how people hang on without Jesus. He's my strength.