Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy days of summer??????

Okay, last year had some lazy days of summer. I remember that we had long breakfasts on the deck, and leisurely afternoons reading...
Not this year. Ugh!
Apart from all the other usual summer happenings, like camping, Vacation Bible School and church duties, this year, we're having a wedding in our backyard.
Oh, how nice, you say? All right, okay, it is nice.
But the prep work this summer will kill my husband and I, I swear. We've planted sunflowers to bob and nod in front of the vegetable garden. I'm coaxing sweet peas to climb a trellis, and discouraging weeds from growing in all of the gardens. Part of the front lawn was chewed up last fall when we had geothermal installed.
The rest of the lawn needs mowing every four days and hubby wants all the dandelions out of the driveway. We have cats tearing up our front flower beds, so they will need to be replanted.
That's just outside. We have special menu items to prepare, above and beyond what the caterer is supplying and there will also be a shower here next month. My daughter has cacti growing all over my living room for the wedding. It's part of her theme. Did I tell you my daughter loves this house and wants all the events to take place here?
Oh, one more thing. I want to drop ten pounds but I'm a stress eater.
Lazy days of summer? I think not
This takes me back to one old hymn. One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus.
That's what I have to do. Take it one day at a time.
Ever had a summer like this? What did you do to survive it?

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